principle and mechanism

Principle and mechanism of geothermal power generation

111 active volcanoes are confirmed to exist in the Japanese archipelago.
Within these volcanoes lies magma reservoirs that can reach from several kilometers to several tens of kilometers underground in the volcanic zone, heating the rocks around them.
Groundwater is heated by the heat of the magma reservoir, becomes hot water and steam, which then accumulate under or between the gaps of rocks where water cannot penetrate into. This is called geothermal reservoir.
Geothermal power generation generates electricity by utilizing hot and high pressure steam and hot water accumulated in this geothermal reservoir.
The temperature of the magma reservoir as a heat source is 800 ° C - 1200 ° C, and their lifespan is estimated to be several tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years.
For that reason, geothermal reservoirs are considered to be a renewable or even permanent source of energy.
Renowned for its usage of hot spring, Japan expects to further harness the naturally blessed geothermal resource into power generation.
Geothermal power generation not only utilizes a renewable energy source that can be produced domestically, but also produces much less greenhouse gas emission through electric generation compared to other methods. Unlike solar power generation and wind power generation, geothermal power generation is not influenced by the weather and thus can supply power for 24 hours.
In order to utilize clean, ecologically friendly geothermal power generation, we are building a new business model called "fumarole rental" and are working on the development of energy resources.


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